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Shipyard Workers Mesothelioma


Shipyard Workers and Mesothelioma Cancer

U.S. Navy Transport Ships contained more than 300 asbestos-containing products and materials that were used regularly in the constructions of ships until 1980. Thousands of military veterans served on U. S. Navy ships with the peak exposure years from 1940-1980.  

Shipyard workers are one of the highest risk groups for developing Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cancers. Asbestos is used in shipbuilding because of its heat resistance and fire-proof properties.

Shipyard workers insulated pipes, incinerators, boilers, steam pipes, water pipes, electrical wiring, breathed, ingested and inhaled toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Shipyard tasks with massive asbestos exposure include painting, plumbing, repairing, installing, welding and insulating on shipyard job sites.

1 out of 3 veterans will develop an asbestos-related disease in their lifetime.

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Naval Shipyard Workers and Asbestos Products

During the construction and repair of Navy ships and other large navy vessels, shipyard workers that worked around these products are at a high risk of developing Mesothelioma.

Asbestos-Containing Products

Asbestos Containing Sealing Compounds

Asbestos-Containing Adhesives

Asbestos-Containing Cement 

Asbestos-Containing Gaskets 

Asbestos-Containing Pumps 

Asbestos-Containing Turbines 

Asbestos-Containing Wall Insulation 

Asbestos-Covered Products

Asbestos-Covered Boilers

Asbestos-Covered Boilers 

Asbestos-Covered Hot Water Pipes

Asbestos-Covered Incinerators

Asbestos-Covered Pipe Covering

Asbestos-Covered Steam Pipes  

Asbestos-Covered Valves 

Mesothelioma Causes and Asbestos Exposure

What Causes Mesothelioma?

The cause of Mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos materials and products. Mesothelioma is a rare and deadly type of cancer that develops in the lining of the lungs, stomach (abdomen), and the heart sac. When a person breathes, inhales, or ingests microscopic asbestos fibers they can stay dormant in the body for 10-50 years before manifesting cancer symptoms.

Who is Most Likely to Get Mesothelioma?

The average age of a person diagnosed with Mesothelioma is 69 years old. People most likely to get diagnosed with Mesothelioma have worked around asbestos or may have done the laundry for a worker that was exposed. 

About 3,500 people will be diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma each year in the U. S., and more than 15,000 Americans will be diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease (asbestos lung cancer, asbestosis). 

Veterans exposed to asbestos are seven times more likely to die of an Asbestos caused disease than the general population.

List of Shipyards with Asbestos Exposure

ADDSCO Shipyard

Alabama Dry Dock & Shipyard Co.

Albina Shipyards

American Bridge Shipyard

American Shipbuilding Co.

AMFELS Shipyard

Astoria Marine Shipyard

Atlantic Dry Dock

Avondale Shipbuilding

Avondale Shipyards

Baltimore Marine Industries

Barbas Cut Docks

Barbours Cut Docks

Bath Iron Works Corporation

Bellinger Shipyard

Bender Shipbuilding

Bethlehem Steel Shipyards

Bloodworth Shipyard

Bollinger Shipyard

Boston Naval Shipyard

Braswell Services Group

Bremerton Naval Shipyard

Brooklyn Naval Shipyard

Brown Shipbuilding

Caddell Dry Dock

California Naval Shipyards

Carolina Shipping Co.

Cascade General Inc.

Charleston Naval Shipyard

Charlestown Navy Yard

Colonnas Shipyard

Conrad Industries

Consolidated Shipyard

Consolidated Steel Shipyard

Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard

Defoe Shipbuilding  

Detyens Shipyards

Duwamish Shipyard

Dyer Shipyard

Electric Boat Shipyard

Fore River Shipyard

Galveston Docks

General Dynamics [NASSCO]

General Ship Corporation

GMD Shipyard

Groton Naval Base

Gulf Marine Repair

Gulf Ship Building Co.

Hendry Corporation

Houston Shipyards

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

Hunters Point Shipyard

Ingalls Shipbuilding

Kaiser Shipyards

Kane Shipbuilding

Key Highway Shipyard

Lake Union Drydock Co.

Lockheed Shipbuilding Co.

Lockheed Shipyard

Long Beach Naval Shipyard

Lyon Shipyard

Mare Island Naval Shipyard

Marine Railways Corporation

Mayport Naval Station

Moore Dry Dock Co.

NASSCO [National Steel and Shipbuilding Co.]

Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek

Naval Weapons Stations

New London Naval Submarine Base 

New York Shipbuilding

Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Norfolk Shipbuilding & Drydock

Northwest Marine Iron Works

Offshore Shipbuilding

Old Shipyards

Orange Shipbuilding Co.

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

Penn Shipbuilding

Pensacola Naval Air Station

Pensacola Shipyard

Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

Port Adams Shipyard

Portland Shipyard

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Puget Sound Bridge & Dredge Shipyard

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Quonset Point Naval Station

Richmond Shipyard

Rough & Ready Island Ship Repair

San Diego Naval Shipyard

San Francisco Dry Dock Co.

San Francisco Naval Shipyard

Seward Marine industrial Center

Seward Ships Drydock

South Portland Shipyard

Southwest Marine

Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co.

Swan Island Shipyard

Tacoma Boatbuilding Co.

Tacoma Drydocks

Tampa Bay Shipbuilding

Terminal Island Naval Operating Base

Texas Boats of Freeport Co.

Thames Shipyard

The Kane Shipbuilding Co.

Todd Pacific Shipyards, Inc.

Todd Shipyards

Tongue Point Naval Shipyard

Treasure Island Naval Station

Trinity Marine Group

U.S. Naval Stations

U.S. Naval Submarine Bases

U.S. Shipyards 

Vancouver Shipyard

Voyage Repair Station

Washington Navy Yard

Willamette Iron and Steel Works

Williamette Shipyard

Mesothelioma Statute of Limitations

Statutes of Limitations is the time a Mesothelioma victim has to file a lawsuit. 

The Statute of Limitations for Mesothelioma and asbestos exposure varies from state to state.

The Statute of Limitations for Mesothelioma begins when a person is either diagnosed or dies, not the date of their exposure.

An experienced Mesothelioma attorney can help you file a claim before your Statutes of Limitations expires.

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30 Billion in Asbestos Trust Funds!

Mesothelioma Cancer and Asbestos Trust Funds

Veterans Mesothelioma Diagnosis & Asbestos Trust Funds

Asbestos manufacturers of products and materials have admitted fault and set up trust funds to compensate workers for their asbestos exposure. There are more than 30 billion dollars in asbestos trust funds for patients diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer, asbestos lung cancer, and other asbestos-related diseases. If you know someone who has Mesothelioma, contact us to learn more about your legal rights for asbestos compensation.

Veterans diagnosed with  Mesothelioma have legal rights and may be eligible to recover compensation from negligent asbestos companies and asbestos trust funds. Get a free consultation from an experienced Mesothelioma lawyer to know if you have a valid legal claim today.

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Veterans and Mesothelioma

Navy Mesothelioma

US Navy, Naval Navy Mesothelioma Asbestos Claims

Navy veterans account for 16 percent of all asbestos-related lung diseases.

Air Force Mesothelioma

USAF, Air Force Mesothelioma Asbestos Claims

Asbestos materials were used to build aircraft and construct Air Force bases.

Army Mesothelioma

US Army, Army Mesothelioma Asbestos Claims

Asbestos was used in thousands of Army vehicles, brakes, gaskets and insulation.

Coast Guard Mesothelioma

USCG, Coast Guard Mesothelioma Asbestos Claims

The Coast Guard used the same asbestos-containing equipment as the Navy

U. S. Marines Mesothelioma

USMC, U. S. Marine Corps Mesothelioma Asbestos Claims

American Cancer Society report - Asbestos was found in old Marine Corps barracks.

Retired Veterans

Retired Veterans, Vets Mesothelioma Asbestos Claims

There are 21.5 million living veterans that served in the U. S. military forces.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Why You Need a Lawyer

Mesothelioma Lawyers Attorneys, Attys, Attornies

An experienced Mesothelioma lawyer will get you a larger settlement! 

Start an Asbestos Claim

Start a Mesothelioma Asbestos Claims

 About 600,000 victims have filed claims for damage from their asbestos exposure. 

Mesothelioma Settlements

Mesothelioma Lawsuit Lawyers

Asbestos companies have paid claimants more than $18 billion since the late 1980s.

Statute of Limitations

Mesothelioma Statute of Limitations

Each state has a strict statute of limitations to file your asbestos lawsuit. 

Asbestos Trust Funds

Asbestos Trust Fund Lawsuits

Asbestos companies have paid claimants more than $18 billion since the late 1980s.

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Mesothelioma Medical Information

Mesothelioma Diagnosed?

Diagnosed Mesothelioma Lawyers, Attorneys

Pleural Mesothelioma (lungs) accounts for 70-90% of all Mesothelioma patients.

Mesothelioma Treatment

Mesothelioma Treatment Lawyers

The 3 main treatments for Mesothelioma are: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Mesothelioma Symptoms

Mesothelioma Symptoms Lawyers

90% of Mesothelioma patients reported shortness of breath as their first symptom.

Secondhand Exposure

Secondhand Asbestos Exposure Lawsuits

Diagnosed Mesothelioma rates are higher among spouses of asbestos workers.

Mesothelioma Survival Rate

Mesothelioma Survival Rates Mesothelioma Claims

The life expectancy for a mesothelioma patient is 12-21 months after diagnosis.

Asbestos Lung Cancer

Asbestos Lung Cancer Lawsuits

There is about 15,000 Asbestos-related cancers diagnosed each year in U. S.